You can join HMC (free of enrollment fees) by completing the relevant petition form (it refers to internals and Biopathologists of Attica’s and Pereaus Perfectionary).

The annual subscription fees for the HMS’s members for the bimonthly “ EMS Journal” is 30 Euros and you are given automatically the opportunity  -through the “username” and “access code” that you are given- to read the current issue, as well as all the former issues online, through your personal profile in our webpage.

Your profile allows you, not only to read and download all issues of the “Journal”, but also to discuss your fields-related topics through the special forum, to be informed about all the news and actions of HMS, to pay your subscription fees online, as quickly and easily as possible, but also to change your personal data.

The registration form is attached in the bottom of the page. After you fill it in you can either send it by mail to Hellenic Microbiological Society Ascent Ltd, 77 Vas. Sofias Str., 115 21, Athens or fax it to 2107246180 or to the email address:

According to the HMS Statute, the Society consists of regular, corresponding, presidents and honor members and donators and benefactors.

1)     Regular Members of the Society are all the law abiding Special Microbiologists, the Medical Graduates that hold a Hygiene degree and the Veterinarians that hold a Microbiology Degree, as well as the graduates of Medical School that specialize in the Microbiology of Athens and Piraeus Prefecture, under the condition that they are recommended by at least two existing members. Scientists of every faculty are able to be elected as regular members, according to the Border’s decision. This proposal is submitted by the Board to the Society in a regular or not meeting. In the meeting to follow the Society decides whether to allow or not through secret voting of the presents. In case the request is declined a new one can be submitted after at least one year.

2) Corresponding Members of the Society are the Microbiologist Doctors and Veterinarians outside Athens and Piraeus and they are elected alike the practical members after the board’s recommendation. Regular members of the Society that move permanently away of the Prefecture become corresponding automatically. Whenever a corresponding member is in Athens they have the right to attend its meetings just like regular members, but they cannot vote. In case their residence in the Perfection becomes permanent they can become regular members after submitting a petition if they meet all requirements.

3) Associate Members of the Society are doctors of other specialties or other distinguished scientists native or foreigners after proposal of the Board and with a majority of at least ¾ of the present members. The Associate members share the same rights and obligations as regular members but they don’t have the right to vote.

4) Honorary members of the Society are claimed natives or foreign citizens Microbiologists or Veterinarian- Microbiologists of international fame or regular members of the Society that have provided exceptional services to the Society’s benefit. Their announcement is made through the general meeting of the members that has been conducted for this purpose after the Board’s proposal and with a majority of at least ¾ of the present members.

5) Foreign citizens cannot become regular members of the Society.

Download the application Form:
Aitisi_Eggrafis_EME (2).doc