The Society was established on 13th September 1932 under the name: “Hellenic Microbiological and Hygiene Union”. After a couple modifications of its statute in 1936 and 1947 in the third modification on 18th July 1972 it appears as “Hellenic Microbiological Society”

According to the last Statute of HMS (2013) “Aim of the Society is the development of the research in the field of Microbiology in Greece, as well as internationally, through the cooperation with corresponding societies of foreign countries as well as the International Association of Microbiological Societies, and the cooperation of Greek Microbiologists with the purpose to promote Greek Microbiology”.
As early as 1956 the magazine “Acta Microbiologica Hellenica” is issued unremittingly with special contribution to the progress of Microbiology in Greece.Today HMS expresses all the Branches of Medical Biopathology (former Microbiology) and its aims include:a)    The encouragement of the promotion of public health in our country through the appropriate application of Laboratory Medicine in the prediction, prognosis and curing of diseases.
b)    The promotion of the fields of education and information, in the post graduate (specialty) and the life-long training of doctors and to contribute to the undergraduate study in all fields of Medical Biopathology.
c)    The promotion of cooperation with all Medical Societies in Greece and abroad and to become member of the World Association of Societies of Pathology and other relevant Societies.
d)    The promotion of research in all levels, to the society’s best interest, as well as the professional progress of the Interns and Specialized Doctors.